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Anchor Deep: Responding to the Gay Marriage Issue

AnchorI have been reluctant to post anything or comment on the activity going on in our culture regarding the issue of gay marriage.  First, many qualified, capable voices have written much that is helpful to Christians in walking in a biblical and faithful way into the days ahead.  There is no need to say it again.  Second, I don’t really want to argue in fruitless ways over this issue, most of which happens via mediums such as social media.

However, I would like to make a couple of points that I haven’t really heard expressed, but have been in my own mind regarding this topic.  They are intended for those who consider themselves Christians and who desire to live faithfully in accordance with the Bible (though there are certainly differences of opinion regarding what that looks like).  They are not intended for non-Christians though someone who is not a Christian is certainly welcome to read and evaluate them.

I also want to clarify that I write with certain assumptions regarding homosexuality and gay marriage that I am not interested in arguing over here.  I believe that the Bible teaches conclusively that marriage is to be between a man and a woman.  I believe the Bible teaches that homosexuality is sin.  I believe that those who practice homosexuality are people created in the image of God, worthy of human respect and dignity.  I believe those who practice homosexuality are not worse sinners than those who practice any of a myriad of sins the Bible explains are all wrong in the sight of God.  I believe that those who practice homosexuality are not in any way beyond the grace of God to forgive their sin and transform them as new creations in Jesus Christ.  I also believe that it is not wrong for Christians to fight for traditional marriage in a country where they have the freedom to do so, just as their opponents do as well.  Both a biblical worldview along with our system of government both call for and, in my mind, obligate Christians to do so.  I’m not interested in arguing over these things or debating them here, I simply state them so that you know what my assumptions and beliefs are.

That being said, here are two points to consider.

First, Christian organizations, churches, and leaders who change their stance on this issue from this point on, are in large part, cowards who stand not on convictions, but are moved primarily by the winds of cultural change.  A week ago the Huffington Post published an article telling the story of Fuller Theological Seminary becoming the first major evangelical seminary to accept a LGBT club onto their campus.  There is immense pressure on Christian organizations and leaders to align themselves with the cultural current surging around us.  What happened at Fuller will continue to happen in the days to come.  However, those who do so stand not on solid convictions but have simply decided not to fight the cultural change around them.  If their convictions were that gay marriage and homosexuality were biblically acceptable they should have stood on that conviction long ago, before it was popular to do so.  To change one’s mind and commitments now says that culture is your authority, not Scripture.  There is no honor in this kind of action.

Second, Christians should be mindful that the winds of culture, just like the winds of the oceans, are ever-changing.  Case in point, popular opinion is shifting dramatically, as we speak, on the issue of abortion.  Abortion laws are becoming stricter in many states.  Trials such as Kermit Gosnell’s (though blatantly ignored by the media for obvious reasons due to their own bias), among others, are exposing what is not simply the exception of the abortion industry but the rule.  Who knows where things will stop regarding the abortion issue, but Christians should take note that things are changing.

The same will be true regarding gay marriage.  To remove the parameters surrounding what marriage is will ultimately lead down a road that eventually people will recognize is irrational and ludicrous.  To deal with gay marriage is to deal, in the long run, with whether you can marry a minor, whether you can marry 5 different women, whether you can marry your brother or sister, whether you can marry a monkey,etc…  That is the natural next step.  Eventually, I believe the culture will recognize this and sway another direction.  Because that’s what people and cultures do, they change.

To a generation of Christians I would say this:  hold the line.  Anchor yourself down on the clear convictions of the Bible on this issue.  It will not be popular and will require a price to be paid by many of us.  But, in the end, not only do I believe God will vindicate you and reward you one day when He establishes His kingdom on the earth once and for all, but history is likely to vindicate you as well; because culture changes.  Don’t move with the winds of culture.  This is cowardly.  Anchor deep and fight the current.  It will have been worth it in the end.



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