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Anchor Deep: Responding to the Gay Marriage Issue

I have been reluctant to post anything or comment on the activity going on in our culture regarding the issue of gay marriage.  First, many qualified, capable voices have written much that is helpful to Christians in walking in a biblical and faithful way into the days ahead.  There is no need to say it … Continue reading

Taking Nothing for the Journey: The Principle of Mutual Service in Evangelism

In Mark 6:7-13, Jesus sends the Twelve out on their own for the first time to do  “evangelism.”  He instructs them to go out two by two and travel from village to village declaring to those who would listen that they were to repent.  The kingdom of God was to be inaugurated on the earth.  … Continue reading

Teaching Isn’t Just Your Pastor’s Job: Some Thoughts on Discipleship

Discipleship is a broad word and is used to speak of a variety of things in the church.  However, in its simplest form, it is probably best understood as merely speaking of spiritual growth.  Of course we grow in lots of ways, in lots of settings, and in lots of different dynamics.  I think discipleship … Continue reading

Thinking Spiritually About Church

I have found myself fearful in recent months.  Fearful that much of what we do in the church is man-made rather than Spirit-made. I have spent time reading through the book of Acts recently and had the privilege of preaching through a couple of chapters in Acts at a church this summer.  It’s a unique … Continue reading

Summer Reading List

After a long of year of seminars, I’m looking forward to doing some reading that’s not for class.  I’m sure I will be ploughing through some stuff for next semester, but in the midst of it, these are some books I’m hoping to read. 1.  “To Change the World” by James Davison Hunter 2.  “Jesus … Continue reading

Jesus vs. The Philosophers: A Review of Paul Johnson’s “Intellectuals”

I just finished a book this past week for one of my seminars entitled “Intellectuals” by Paul Johnson, the noted author and historian.  In it he examines the more personal elements of the lives of intellectuals from the past 300 years or so.  Johnson includes figures such as Karl Marx, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre, … Continue reading

Why Hollywood Needs Christianity

Some would probably assume that this post is about Hollywood’s animosity and disdain for Christianity and its need for a target to shoot at.  I would not disagree that the Christian worldview finds few adherents in Hollywood and has been and continues to be attacked by many in the film industry.  However, this blog is … Continue reading

Why I Want My Boys To Watch Rambo

We have this joke in my family about how my parents would not let me and my brothers watch the smurfs when we were growing up, but we could watch Rambo any time that we liked.  This of course would strike some as a bit strange, but the reasoning behind it was that the smurfs … Continue reading

Of Course You Were Born That Way

The belief that one is born with certain biological inclinations toward particular lifestyles and behaviors continues to grow in our culture today. This most frequently arises when discussing the issue of homosexuality.  People continue to embrace the homosexual lifestyle after lengthy struggles to live differently, coming to the conclusion that this is who they are … Continue reading

The Divine Disruption

I’m struck in the gospels at the way Jesus calls out many of those who follow Him.  Jesus certainly had plenty of people pursue Him, most of them for their own selfish reasons.  Others approach Him with questions and a sincere desire to learn from Him.  However, the gospels contain a number of accounts of … Continue reading