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Are You Not Entertained?

I remember growing up on Disney movies.  Most of us do.  Few can’t identify these classics:  Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, The Rescuers….well, you get the point.  One of my personal favorites was Pinocchio.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a toy that came to life?  (It’s not like there was Toy Story … Continue reading

Why God Won’t Do Whatever It Takes To Get You To Turn To Him (And Why The Church Can’t Either)

This blog is likely to irritate some.  I smirk even as I write this opening disclaimer.  I am not surprised when people disagree with this kind of message.  It’s too blunt and “divisive” in a religious climate that doesn’t like hard lines.  There might be better ways to say it.  But I guess that’s the … Continue reading

Death As Gain

About 15 years ago a movie came out called “First Knight.”  It starred Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond and was a retelling of the story of Arthur and the Knights  of the Round Table.  Connery plays Arthur, Ormond Gwynevere and Gere Lancelot.  The movie begins in a small English village where Lancelot (Gere) … Continue reading

Jesus, The Object of Our Affections

I was refreshed this past week in my understanding of what drives one’s personal faith and commitment.  That which is central can often become so common that it is assumed and taken for granted.  And what is central to the Christian faith is a love for Jesus.  Before one assumes that this is something any … Continue reading

Be Holy For I Am Holy

Indeed the defining characteristic of God in all of Scripture is His holiness.  Isaiah 6:3 teaches us that angelic beings fly around the divine throne room declaring to the One seated upon the throne of heaven that He is Holy, Holy, Holy.  There is never a moment when they are not proclaiming this great reality … Continue reading

And The Woman Saw that the Fruit of the Tree was Good

Genesis 3 and the story of humanity’s fall is a significant and revealing text.  It is a text with ramifications that are cosmic in scope, addressing the origins of sin, evil and wickedness, while also clarifying much on a personal level related to the nature of temptation, sin, and judgment.  It is the Christian answer … Continue reading

Miracles Can Happen

Many who oppose the Christian faith and worldview openly oppose the possibility of miracles.  Having embraced a naturalistic worldview that rejects the spiritual and affirms that only what we see around us is real, miracles are simply a figment of the imagination.  This kind of mentality is common among those who do not accept Christianity … Continue reading

Lost at Sea: The Media and the Tiger Woods Story

A few weeks ago life for Tiger Woods, the most popular athlete on the planet, was dramatically different than it is now.  An inconspicuous and simple crash into a neighborhood fire hydrant eventually led to the revelation of numerous extra-marital relationships.  The details, the few that are known, are somewhat bizarre, and the story remains … Continue reading

A Word To The Young Going Into Ministry

Tim Elmore, Author of “Habitudes,” tells a story in his first volume of the Habitudes series about two lumberjacks who challenged each other to see who could cut down more trees in a day.  They began early in the morning, and the first lumberjack began chopping down trees immediately.  He worked furiously and by noon … Continue reading

Tis The Season….To Spend

The Christmas season, I must be honest, is a time of year when I find myself deeply conflicted.  On the one hand, it is the celebration of the single most astounding and incomparable act in all of human history:  the incarnation of God the Son.  God becomes flesh and dwells with humanity.  According to John … Continue reading