Great Quotes

“Repentance is in every view so desirable, so necessary, so suited to honor God, that I seek that above all. The tender heart, the broken and contrite spirit, are to me far above the joys that I could ever hope for in this vale of tears. I long to be in my proper place, my hand on my mouth, and my mouth in the dust……I feel this to be safe ground. Here I cannot err……I am sure that whatever God may despise……He will not despise the broken and contrite heart.”

– Charles Simeon

“In the cross of Christ, as in a splendid theatre, the incomparable goodness of God is set before the world. The glory of God shines, indeed, in all creatures on high and below, but never more brightly than in the cross.”

– John Calvin

“Preach the Word! That simple imperative frames the act of preaching as an act of obedience, and that is where any theology of preaching must begin. Preaching did not emerge from the church’s experimentation with communication techniques. The church does not preach because preaching is thought to be a good idea or an effective technique. The sermon has not earned its place in Christian worship by proving its utility in comparison with other means of communication or aspects of worship. Rather, we preach because we have been commanded to preach.”

– Al Mohler

“For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance, he is about to conquer the highest peak. And as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”

– Robert Jastrow

“We are but of yesterday, and yet we have filled all the places belong to you – cities, islands, forts, towns, exchanges, the military camps themselves, tribes, town councils, the palace, the senate, the marketplace; we have left you nothing but your temples.”

– Tertullian

“We are one of God’s chief pieces of evidence……Paul’s great concern for the church is that the church manifest and display the glory of God, thus vindicating God’s character against all the slander of demonic realms, the slander that God is not worth living for……God has entrusted to His church the glory of His own name.”

– Unknown

“At the all-important pivot of human history, the worst sin ever committed served to show the greatest glory of Christ and obtain the sin-conquering gift of God’s grace.  God did not just overcome evil at the cross.  He made evil serve the overcoming of evil.  He made evil commit suicide in doing its worst evil.”

– John Piper

“Christianity started out in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and became an enterprise.”

– Sam Pascoe

“It is the crucified man that can preach the cross. Said Thomas ‘except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails…I will not believe.’ Dr. Parker of London said that what Thomas said of Christ, the world is saying about the church. And the world is also saying to every preacher: Unless I see in your hands the print of the nails, I will not believe. It is true. It is the man…who has died with Christ…that can preach the cross of Christ.”

– G. Campbell Morgan

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

– C. S. Lewis

“Most of the visible church nowadays seems to think Christians are supposed to be at play rather than at war. Contemporary Christians are determined to get the world to like them – and of course in the process they also want to have as much fun as possible. The idea of fighting for the truth is the furthest thing from most church-goers minds.”

– John MacArthur

“We have turned to a God that we can use rather than to a God we must obey; we have turned to a God who will fufill our needs rather than to a God before whom we must surrender our rights to ourselves. He is a God for us, for our satisfaction – not because we have learned to think of Him in this way through Christ but because we have learned to think of Him this way through the marketplace. In the marketplace everything is for us, for our pleasure, for our satisfaction, and we have come to assume that it must be so in the church as well. And so we transform the God of mercy into the God who is at our mercy. We imagine that He is benign, that He will acquiesce as we toy with His reality and to co-opt Him in the promotion of our ventures and careers. Thus do we presume to restrain Him in a Weberian ‘iron cage’ of this-wordly preoccupation. Thus do we tighten our grip upon Him. And if the sunshine of His benign grace fails to warm us as we expect, if He fails to shower prosperity and success on us, we will find ourselves unable to believe in Him anymore. What has been lost in all this, of course, is God’s angularity, the sharp edges that truth so often has and that He has preeminently. It is our fallennness fleshed out in our modernity that makes God smooth, that imagines He will accomodate our instincts, shabby and self-centered as they so often are, because He is love.”

– David Wells

“It is men who wait to be selected, and not those who seek, from whom we may expect the most efficient service.

– Ulysses S. Grant

“Great endurance and patience:  the expression suggests both the kind of stamina that gets under a burden and carries it with enduring fortitude, and the kind of stamina that knows how to possess its soul in patience.  Those are not virtues that are popular in our age.  We extol champagne:  lots of fizz and a pretty good high, but having no nutritional value for the long haul.  In an age when tempers are hot, quick solutions are ardently courted, success is revered, victory is cherished, independence is lauded, and easy triumphs are promised, great endurance and patience at first glance seem like less than stellar qualities.”

– D. A. Carson

“One of the pervasive marks of our time is emotional fragility.  It hangs in the air we breathe.  We are easily hurt.  We pout and mope easily.  We blame easily.  We break easily.  Our marriages break easily.  Our faith breaks easily.  Our happiness breaks easily.  And our commitment to the church breaks easily.  We are easily disheartened, and it seems we have little capacity for surviving and thriving in the face of criticism and opposition….When historians list the character traits of America in the last third of the twentieth century, commitment, constancy, tenacity, endurance, patience, resolve, and perseverance will not be on the list.  The list will begin with an all-consuming interest in self-esteem.  It will be followed by the sub-headings of self-assertiveness, self-enhancement, and self-realization.  And if we think that we are not children of our times, let us simply test ourselves to see how we respond when people reject our ideas or spurn our good efforts or misconstrue our best intentions.  We all need help here.  We are surrounded by, and are part of, a society of emotionally fragile quitters.”

– John Piper

“A cosmic struggle  between truth and falsehood, between good and evil, shadows the whole history of humankind.  The Bible depicts it as a conflict between the authority of God and the claims of the evil one.  Measured by the yardstick of God’s holy purposes, all that man proudly designates as human culture is little but idolatry.  God’s Word proffers no compliments whatever to man’s so-called historical progress; rather, it indicts man’s pseudoparadises as veritable towers of Babel that obscure and falsify God’s truth and Word.”

– Carl F. H. Henry

“Nothing moves people more than the print of the nails and the marks of the spear.  Those marks are tests of sincerity that none can challenge.”

– J. Oswald Sanders

“Allow me here to lift up my voice boldly in loud and audible outcry, pleading as I do before philosophic princes.  For who of those that reduce syllogisms, and clear up ambiguities, and explain etymologies, or of those who teach homonyms and synonyms, and predicaments and axioms, and what is the subject and what the predicate, and who promise their disciples by these and such like instructions to make them happy: who of them have so purged their souls as, instead of hating their enemies, to love them; and, instead of speaking ill of those who have reviled them, to bless them; and to pray for those who plot against their lives?  On the contrary, they never cease with evil intent to search out skillfully the secrets of their art, and are ever bent on working some ill, making the art of words and not the exhibition of deeds their business and profession.  But among us you will find uneducated persons, artisans, and old women, who, if they are unable in words to prove the benefit of our doctrine, yet by their deeds exhibit the benefit arising from their persuasion of its truth: they do not rehearse speeches, but exhibit good works; when struck, they do not strike again; when robbed, they do not go to law; they give to those that ask of them, and love their neighbors as themselves.”

– Athenagoras (spoken before the Roman emperor himself in the late 2nd century)

“God chooses not milksops destitute of backbone, to wear His glory upon their faces.  We have plenty of men made of sugar nowadays, that melt into the stream of popular opinion; but these shall never ascend the hill of the Lord, nor stand in His holy place, nor wear the tokens of glory.”

– Charles Spurgeon

“The most dangerous ideas in a society are not the ones being argued but the ones being assumed.”

– C. S. Lewis

“The one great preacher in church history, I would contend, is the church… and the preacher is to enable the church to preach.”

– P. T. Forsyth



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